The Journey

The joyous masters know that life is a journey, a trying and exciting adventure whose destination matters less than the passion and freedom felt along the way. Divine organization is inherent in all things.  The larger plan is not mine to know and not mine to create; it is simply mine to follow the journey.  Everything that happens is part of a mysterious educational process, in which I’m drawn to situations that constitute to my greater learning.  My highest function and greatest mission is simply to be in any moment the person I am capable of being, extending the love of God through me to the entire world.  We have to slow down, surrender all thoughts of the past or future and let spirit shine forth in our awareness.

I’m writing to those on the journey to truth and wholeness; Those who started the journey but found a reason to stop; Those who want to begin the journey but they don’t know how to start; Those who have questions about the journey that they are afraid to ask; Those whose spirits are willing to take the journey but whose flesh has issues; Those who have taken the journey and are willing to do it again. To us all, may our paths be lit with God’s love.

No matter who you are, no matter how young or old you are, in the present, all things are possible. Enjoy the journey; trust the process and FOLLOW YOUR BLISS.

Love & light


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