“I AM” is a powerful statement.  It’s a declaration that can empower you to create the circumstance you want.  Throughout life I’ve been through a conditioning process that’s created a mind-set of overflowing with I’m NOT… But soon I realized how powerful my words and thoughts were and to overcome this mentality I had to trust my inner world of spirit.

The words I AM, which we use daily to define who we are and what we are capable of, are a holy expression we have to remember to make our very first consideration the honoring of our Divine spirit.  Teach your outer self to accept the unlimited power of your inner spirit and the things you place in your imagination can become true to you.  Affirmations are positive statements intended to create a desired result.  They are tools that you can use to eliminate self-limiting beliefs, to empower yourself to take on challenges you would otherwise avoid, and to create a positive vibe that other pick up on.

I would like to encourage you to be more aware of what you say around others, if you find yourself complaining, judging, blaming, criticizing or condemning anyone or anything, your thought processes are in need of an update so you can put your mind to use as a manifesting tool.  Our job is to take a deep breath, slow down, surrender all thoughts of past or future and let the spirit shine forth in our awareness.  Here is just a few I AM affirmations, feel free to add to the list and make up your own.  Lets share the love!

I am bliss.
I am safe.
I am guided by my higher self.
I am at peace.
I am free to be me and express myself in any way I choose.
I am talented and capable.
I am beautiful.
I am lovable.
I am loving.
I am kind.
I am patient.
I am understanding.
I am compassionate.I am grateful for…
I am open and receptive to new ideas.
I am love.

Let us be the change we seek in this world,

5 thoughts on “THE POWER IN AFFIRMING “I AM”

  1. I need to use those two simple words ‘I am’ more often. Just those two words to remind myself to just ‘be.’ I love simplicity! I use these quite often too:

    My intention activates my desires
    My life is full of beautiful possibilities
    I am not alone
    I am protected

    Many Blessings on your Journey )O(

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  2. I AM affirmations are very helpful. Thank you for posting. Affirmations in general are good to use because it trains the mind to think positively. On my blog I promote something I call my Affirmation Station. If you like affirmations, maybe you will appreciate that page. Again, great post. Great description of affirmations. Especially the I AM type. Namaste.

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