Crossroads and Making Decisions


I find myself at a crossroad yet again… having to make a decision going round and round in my mind, not quite knowing which set of factors should be given greater weight.  Sometimes my reasoning competes with my gut instinct, which only seems to make matters worse.  Can you resonate?

Life changing decisions may seem intimidating, but I find this to be a blessing since I have the choice to choose and to listen to the Holy Spirit within.  The Holy Spirit is part of our mind that remains in conscious contact with God; we can safely place all decisions in His hands.  The mortal ego dwells in linear time and does not know the future; the Holy Spirit dwells in eternity and therefore does.

I’ve come to understand that there are means of knowing beyond the rational.  Now that I’ve fully realized how much smarter God is than I, and how willing He is to share what he knows, my life is much easier.  Sometime Spirit speaks loudly and directly, other times we have to be still, we have to ask God to decide for us.  By asking I pray, meditate and listen.

By cultivating a state of mind in which we place our decisions where they belong, in the hands of One who always knows what we should do, we draw on a mystical power no worldly means of decision-making can match.  God will listen and God will answer, with a prescience and wisdom and intelligence and love for us and for everyone in the whole entire world.

Let us choose to open our hearts, send love, withhold judgment and free ourselves from fear so we can make decisions guided by the Holy Spirit within us.

Blessings of divine guidance and light


“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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