Love YourSelf

What does it mean to love yourself? My understanding is: to love me I have to take care of myself by eating well, exercising and setting aside time to nurture my soul with a good book or a walk in nature. Having positive reminders and affirmations helps too.

It means knowing my worth, surrounding myself with positive people who love and appreciate me. Loving myself means not putting up with any kind of abuse – I teach people how to treat me by what I accept. This means that I need to set healthy boundaries in my relationships so I am not taken advantage of.

It means being kind to myself when I make mistakes and when I look at myself in the mirror.

This is my understanding but that does not mean I have an easy ride doing all of the above. These are daily reminders and challenges that we all face. I also need to learn how to remain whole in the midst of the distractions and responsibilities of life. I need to learn to not lose myself in another and not to take care of another’s needs before my own.

The word selfish has been given a bad wrap, I think that it is OK to be selfish sometimes. It is important to take care of your own needs, then you can give yourself fully to another. We would not expect someone we love to go without, so why should we not do the same for ourselves?

We have to take responsibility for our own happiness; this will increase the love and energy you can shower upon our loved ones.

Your beautiful Body

I am learning to be grateful and loving towards my body (and my curves and curly hair). Each of us has an amazing and unique design. Just because the media says we should look a certain way that does make it true. Your body is all yours to share, experiment and give pleasure to. My mantra is: To love myself just the way I am NOW. And it has been working except.. I had a relapse – back to the mantra! What can be your daily mantra?

Sexual energy is stored at the base of the spine. The energy travels upwards aligning each chakra, until it reaches the crown chakra at the top of the head. Getting in touch with our true selves through meditation and saying, “yes please!”  to our sexual energy,  allows it to expand within us taking us to sweet ecstasy.

I am discovering that meditation is the key to calm the craziness that is me. Meditation is basically focusing on breath while laying on your back or sitting like a Buddha. I have been told to witness my thoughts and let them go. To not attach to them or judge them or myself.

You can use guided meditation but it may take a while to find one that suits. I have gone through a few and it was tough to find one that I liked: either the persons voice bugged me or the music was pants. So, I opted for nature sounds but you should look through You Tube and find one that suits your tastes.

Don’t be put off meditating because of your monkey brain that seem like it can not be tamed… Like everything, it takes practice. I know people who have practiced for years and they still have the monkey mind days.

I started practicing just for 10 minutes twice a day. It has been a good way to connect with myself and feel my energy flow through me and to be honest it gets me high! Which explains why all of those people at the yoga retreats in Bali seemed like they were on something. They were, except it is legal and available to you whenever, wherever.

Treat yourself daily to delicious food that nurtures your body and screams

 I LOVE YOU, you are worth it!

Maintaining the intention of ‘loving myself’ (even for a short period of time) has made me feel more alive, more in love with myself,  for me there is no turning back. I hope you will accompany me along this path. With continuous effort I believe this could be marvelous.

Blessing of love & light


4 thoughts on “Love YourSelf

  1. Yes, to love ourselves NOW! Not when we lose 10 pounds, get a new lover, daring haircut, or even a pedicure. Not when we buy a new outfit, get a new job or have our book published. We are worthy of self-love Now!

    The time is now.


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