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Inspired by my “showing up september” mantra for this month I decided to do a cleanse this week… and wanted to share some insight with you!

Spirit communication and energetic healing can work better on a vegetarian diet. Similarly, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake can also improve the connection. At the beginning of my own journey, I questioned this – after all, I’d experienced spirit communication and still had these items in my diet, frequently. While a better diet can improve the communication, it’s not a prerequisite. So think of this;

Everything is made up of energy. So the food you eat is also made up of energy. What kind of energy are you consuming? Is this enhancing or limiting your own energy and how does it affect your ability to connect with others’ energy?

After pondering on this thought I realized how wonderful it would be if I always cleared the energy from my food before touching or then eat it. I go through phases of clearing the energy on food and then bless it… but this month is “showing up september” and I’m committing to do this daily!

When you bless you create an energetic connection and every time you bless your food you create a healing effect. Whether you call it a prayer, blessing your food, or saying grace, by now you can see that it’s worth your energy, intention and time to incorporate this mealtime practice.

Let’s be clear: a food blessing is an intention that the food vibrate with love and nourish your body. The how isn’t so important. You can hold your hands over your plate and infuse it with the energy of love, you can say a prayer out loud, or you can send your meal a powerful intention for health and healing.


I use the following prayer for clearing the energy (keeping my hands just a few inches above it) and then bless it as follows; (create your own, there is NO right or wrong)

All that we have is a gift.May we be thankful.May we celebrate.May we share.

For our friends,for our families,for our meal,we are thankful.For life,for healing,for joy,we are thankful.

Thanks to the pacha mama for the soil.Thanks to the father sky for the rains.Thanks to the farmers for the harvest.Thanks to our brothers and sisters for the love.

May this meal we’re about to share help our spirits shine brighter.May this brightness send darkness away andwarm the hearts of strangers.


What’s your thoughts on clearing the energy from your food? How do you practice blessing your food? Would love to hear what YOU do and how?

InJoy and BlisSblessings



  1. This is beautiful! I didn’t grow up saying grace or anything, but when I start doing Reiki, I would sometimes do that with my food. Thanks for this post, I really enjoyed it.

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