Meet Jamie Pixie

Start each day with gratitude…
Blog 4 - Joy & Gratitude
I am Jamie Bade, my friends call me Pixie.
I am the new dimension of this platform, i’m here to share my bliss. I am a traveling the world, picking up tools and squeezing them in my belt and learning techniques to share with the world.

I have been traveling the world teaching yoga and kindergarten. I guide my students in a slow flowing asana practice, focusing on breath. I believe yoga is giving your physical body a workout while giving your mental body a rest.

Working with students to slow down and come into alignment with their breath, tweaking the subtleties in every movement and coming into a dynamic flow.

I guide my students to embody the flowing asanas aimed at meeting flexibility in a safe environment.. I believe in encouraging each other to move freely to unite as one.

Yoga is a mind meditation, we tame it through learning to breath with intention, connecting movements with the mind, that is yoga.

I teach my students the importance of a grateful heart.

We need to learn to listen to our own hearts before we give them over to another to nurture, we need to create a world where we all communicate and tell the truth, we need to teach others what we already hold within ourselves.
Magic is intertwined in your life, you just have to open your eyes wide and take it in.

For one awakening soul ripples through the whole. A  domino effect of conscious Seeds spreads like blossoming weeds in the minds and hearts of many through connecting with the self we connect with the whole. Unity and oneness is the ultimate goal
in this labyrinth of lessons and vines we act as one another’s guides, evolving and lighting one another’s way. We are all stepping stones paving the way, the light is within us, we just need to activate internally and follow the ultimate goal to activate the soul. We as one need to follow our bliss. 

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