The power of Intention

It’s a concept that we’ve been throwing around a lot here in Costa Rica, Setting daily or weekly intention.

To be clear, this isn’t just a spin on the term goal setting; setting a weekly intention is a simple, effective way to find your focus and keep you in a driven, motivated mindset.

Taking a small time out of your week to sit down and meditate with a clear mind, to set intention can result in such a profound and powerful outcome.

Inspire yourself to achieve your aspirations goals and long list of dreams.

Open yourself up as a vessel of love and gratitude, connect with the world around you, and ask yourself what your highest desires are.

When you ask the universe, she delivers. when it is already in your visions, it is much easier to pull into your life.

When you know what you want, you put it out to the universe, others and most importantly your self and you act harmoniously with intention.

By connecting to your intensions you not only support and strengthen yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, you also fortify your manifestations and dreams.

Open up you portal to your higher self. By setting intentions you are paving the way to success. When you commit to the entirety of your intention the universe sparks it to life.

A great time to set intention in in the morning before or during a meditation, or right before you go to sleep.

You can journal about the intention or simply repeat it a few times in your mind.

How amazing is it that we have access to setting intension and watching as our higher self manifests these thoughts and motions into real life!

May we continue to weave the web of our consciousness and follow though with our dreams and intentions.
For every intention that is set sends out a high vibrational frequency to the universe, bringing you closer to alignment with your true self and belief system.

Celebrate your intention with love and respect. Write down your intensions and journal about how they have manifested, continue to follow the intension by calling in your guides, ask the universe, and when you truly believe in what you are asking for it will come.

Be patient, reconnect to these intentions overtime, through meditation

Be courageous, check in with your self, make sure that you are going be honoring your true self.

Send yourself love from the abundant universe.
Watch as the motions swing into action.

We here at Follow your bliss aspire to be present in every single moment.
We are challenging you to CREATE without fear, love all your dreams unconditionally.
Listen to the love that is flowing out of you and flow with eternal gratitude.
Energy goes where intention flows.
Our intention for the week is; We aspire to be conscious with every action & present in each moment.
To create without fear & love ourselves unconditionally.

Do you set intentions?
What do you ask when setting intentions?
We would love to hear your stories about how you have followed your intentions and manifested these aspirations into reality.

Jamie Pixie


4 thoughts on “The power of Intention

  1. Each morning when I wake, before I get out of bed, I ask God to use me as a vessel to love and help others, to guide me and fill me with inner peace. I am grateful for every moment and every thing. I affirm that everything that is good comes to me and I send out to the Universe what I want my life to be.

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