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Deeply invested in enriching her students lives, Megan Panchinin applies her vast knowledge of yoga, meditation, and nutrition to offer her students a complete experience. Megan’s teaching style has depth; weaving a rich layering of information, alignment, philosophy, and play. She began her study of yoga in 2005, and started her teaching career in Denver, CO in 2007. Megan is Anusara Inspired and specializes in alignment and therapeutic application of the practice. She is currently a student of Sridaiva Yoga and is teaching this cutting edge alignment at Shaka Beach Retreat, in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

I teach yoga and specialized retreats, so we can all learn to be better humans together. I want to assist people to acknowledge and summon their own inner strengths and resources to live happier and more fulfilling lives. By focusing on detailed alignment, heightened awareness and sensitivity, we become more connected to the energies of the universe and more importantly, with one another. When one of us is uplifted, we are all uplifted…working together for the greater good….collectively! Connection and relationship, kindness and respect….love is always the highest…this is why I teach!

I promise to provide a life changing experience, that will inspire you to receive each day as a gift, an opportunity to celebrate and love your life!

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